January 22, 2008

SIGGRAPH 2008 Unveils New Format for Computer Animation Festival

Los Angeles, Calif. - To represent the growing computer graphics and interactive industries, SIGGRAPH's Computer Animation Festival is expanding into a full-scale film festival that will incorporate curated and competition screenings, discussion panels with filmmakers/artists/producers, and an expansive awards program. In addition, the Computer Animation Festival will be more accessible to the general public than ever before, says a representative. 
"These enhancements are a direct reflection of the importance of computer graphics in many aspects of everyday life -- from entertainment to science," states Jill Smolin, SIGGRAPH Conference Entertainment Director. "Plus, from cell phones to laptops, the general public has never had as much access to really great animated content as they do today."
For the first time, festival organizers are said to be seeking curated content from around the globe in an effort to present works that are not typically represented at film festivals.
Contributors to the 2008 Computer Animation Festival submit juried content through a similar process as previous years; however they are also able to submit into expanded category options. Online entries are due by 31 January with materials due by 27 February.
Full submission details are available at http://ls.siggraph.org/t/2603503/32568419/109737/0/
"The Computer Animation Festival has a long history of presenting an incredible variety of computer graphics and animation that represent the diverse SIGGRAPH community," continues Smolin. "In 2008, we are creating a celebration experience which will serve all facets of the computer graphics industry, and introduce areas of animation unfamiliar to much of the movie-going public, such as space exploration/simulation, the environment, medicine, and science."
SIGGRAPH's traditional award's structure of Best in Show is still a highlight. In addition, an expanded awards program will include an interactive audience voting mechanism as well as significant award announcements throughout the conference week.
Also, screening times will be expanded to showcase full-length animated features in a single theater space.
For complete information on this year's Computer Animation Festival, including submission information, visit www.siggraph.org/s2008/submissions/juried/caf/.
The 35th annual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition is sponsored by ACMSIGGRAPH, the leading professional society for computer graphics and interactive techniques.