June 23, 2008

Red Giant Software Ships Radium Glow

San Francisco, Calif. -  Red Giant Software, publisher of Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode, added a new motion graphics tool to its line of professional digital video products. Radium Glow is used to add optical glows and glitter to projects.
Radium Glow provides pinpoint control over the glow, with editable shapes that can generate precise outlines or create glimmering points. The advanced edge controls, built-in masking, and output controls in Radium Glow help mimic real light behavior. The three plug-ins can be used to add neon-shaped glows to text, or be combined with Trapcode Particular or other plug-ins to create dazzling sparkle and shimmer effects.
Radium Glow supports numerous host applications. Its intelligent area selection system makes the image glow where the source is the brightest. Bright parts of the subject glow larger, much like the result of widening a real camera's iris. This yields natural-looking halos and sparkle that cannot be replicated with other glow effects. Radium Glow offers three different glow plug-ins. The set includes advanced masking and intensity controls, Glow Lite for simple controls to apply a glow quickly, and Glow Edge for applying glows only around the edges of objects. Four quality levels and full 32-bit floating-point rendering let users find the right tradeoff between speed and detail.
Radium Glow uses shapes to generate a glow. Simple circles and star shapes are included, along with a library of 10 other shapes to enable sophisticated glow effects. Glow can even use any source image as a shape.
Radium Glow is available now for $99 and supports After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid AVX systems.