March 20, 2008

Red Giant Software Announces Primatte Keyer 4

San Francisco - Red Giant Software has released Primatte Keyer 4, designed to bring new levels of power and speed to Adobe After Effects, Avid and, for the first time, Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.
Primatte Keyer 4 helps users create the optimal key with one mouse-click, overcoming keying challenges such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination.
Primatte Keyer 4 works within the timeline. Primatte Keyer works on hard-to-key DV and HDV material and the technology has been used on many Hollywood productions.
The new Auto Setup analyzes the background color and creates the key automatically. Final Cut Pro users can create mattes right on the timeline without leaving their editing application. In addition, the Avid version now offers feature parity with After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
Primatte Keyer 4 supports 32-bit processing (After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Motion), as well as 16-bit processing (Avid). Light wrapping and color matching features further round out the latest version.
Primatte Keyer 4 is now available for $499. Upgrades are available from any previous version for $199.