December 22, 2008

Procedural's CityEngine Available for Mac and Windows 64-bit

Zurich, Switzerland - Procedural Inc.'s 3D city-generation software, CityEngine, is now also available for Mac OS X and Windows 64-bit. In addition, the free 30-day trial version of the CityEngine now comes with example cities,such as a future New York City.
Procedural Inc., a software company that delivers procedural modeling technology, designed CityEngine as a radically different 3D application that allows professional users in entertainment, architecture, and urban planning to efficiently model 3D cities.

The video of Apple City can be watched at:

The CityEngine includes full 64-bit support on the Windows platform. No more memory constraints due to 32-bit. In addition,the CityEngine comes now also with extensive example scenes which allow architects and designers to quickly create detailed cities via parametric modeling only.

Other highlights of the upgrade include:
- ATI graphics cards are now fully supported
- Introduction of city layer editing functionalities
- Several minor improvements such as 100x faster street growth

The CityEngine is available at the promotional price of $3950.

A free 30-day trial version is available for download at