March 31, 2008

PMG Releases messiahStudio3

This third incarnation of pmG's messiah:studio CG animation rendering and development software, includes an array of new features. Stemming from a number of film and television projects over the past 12 months, the latest version provides real-world tools, implemented in a production environment, and use the same features that have allowed these projects to deliver high-quality CG in short time frames.
MessiahStudio3 will allow visual effects studios and home users to get more done, faster. Whether creating CG character animation for animated features, or doing photorealistic visual effects for TV and film, messiahStudio3 is designed to deliver the ability to create imagery in less time, at a cost savings, without sacrificing quality or creativity.   
The three most notable new features include:  
A new Hair module which renders fast high-quality fur, grass, and other fiber shapes, that can be seen in reflections, through glass, and be shadowed by any standard light type.
New Global Illumination rendering allows users to choose from a variety of options specific to the requirements of a particular scene. pmG's new light caching options enable users to dial in a desired blend of speed and smooth GI quality with simple and impressive results.  
A new Panoramic Camera type was added that allows messiah to render a complete 360 degree image, with right and left eye controls for stereoscopic separation and tilt. Used in a soon to be released 3D underwater motion ride film, messiah allowed the studio to render complete 360 degree, 10,000x1080 motion ride frames without having to break it into many separate images pieces.
The latest version inculdes more than 2300 improvements to the internals of the program, with everything from productivity enhancements, user suggestions, and squashed bugs, to boosted speed and power. It includes Hair module for free, for a limited time for all new and upgraded versions to messiahStudio3.
MessiahStudio3 is priced at $399.  
Optional Professional Add Ons include:              
messiah Hair Interface - $249 (FREE for a limited time)             MultiCorePlus and native 64Bit version - $149            
Unlimited Render Node License - $399 ($99 special limited time)