December 8, 2008

Organic Motion Launches LitePod 3D IMmersive Simulation Platform

Orlando - LitePod debuted its next-generation, 3D immersive simulation platforms at the 2008 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).
The newest offering from Organic Motion, the advanced computer vision software company allows trainees to interact directly with virtual environments, without the use of body suits or tracking devices. LitePod is well suited to realistic training, including uses for armed services, industry, academia, and various government agencies. 
The standalone LitePod systems are capable of capturing and digitizing a subject's complete range of motion, and can be upgraded to include movements in the hand and fingers, multiple subjects, the positioning of props or inanimate objects used by the trainees, and facial movements.
The robust systems are designed with rugged materials for heavy-duty use, by hundreds of trainees in rapid succession. Additionally, LitePod integrates with the latest 3D engines to display live motion data in any virtual environment.
Organic Motion's computer vision technology is the key building block in the development of next-generation computer interfaces, such as LitePod. Unlike traditional virtual reality and motion capture systems which require the subject to put on special devices and tracking bodysuits, users can wear their regular clothing or uniforms and instantly have their movements digitized.
LitePod leverages the company's OpenSTAGE platform, which provides completely adaptable markerless motion capture to create unique applications for a number of industries.