November 25, 2008

Nvidia, Cray Deliver Tesla-enabled Cray CX1 Deskside Supercomputer

Austin, Texas - Nvidia Corp. and Cray released Nvidia Tesla C1060 GPU Computing processors in the new Cray CX1 line of supercomputers. 
With "ease-of-everything" features and the ability to fit into a standard office setting, the Cray CX1 product reflects Nvidia and Cray's goal to drive high-productivity computing solutions into a broad array of markets, including financial services, oil and gas, life sciences, government, and academic. Each Tesla processor has hundreds of processor cores that deliver nearly one teraflop of peak computing performance. 
The Cray CX1 delivers up to four teraflops of performance, right at the deskside, when configured with four Tesla processors. Using GPUs, researchers have reported up to 100x speed-up on applications in fields such as molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, finite element analysis, particle simulation, and electronic design automation. The parallel architecture of the GPU has been made accessible for thesei ndustries through the Nvidia Cuda architecture. 
With Nvidia's award-winning C-compiler and software development kit (SDK) for developing parallel computing applications on GPUs, developers can exploit the GPU's parallel computing architecture and automatically distribute computing work across tens of thousands of threads and hundreds of processor cores, says a company representative.