March 4, 2008

NEC debuts NP3151W Widescreen Installation Projector

Chicago - NEC Display Solutions of America, a stand-alone provider of commercial and residential LCD, plasma, and projector displays, announced the NP3151W, a 4000-lumen, high-brightness LCD projector for installation in boardrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, and meeting rooms.
The projector’s 1280x800 WXGA resolution supports users with widescreen notebook computers because the entire 16:10 image is natively displayed. With the NP3151W’s ability to connect to wireless networks, users are able to show and control presentations on the fly without cables from their wireless notebooks.  
As HD video content is increasingly displayed in corporate and education settings, the NP3151W has been designed to deliver home theater-level video quality for professional environments. The NP3151W features advanced HQV video processing, detail enhancement, contrast enhancement, advanced signal noise filtering, and advanced technologies to eliminate undesirable deinterlacing imperfections.
Optional quick-mount (bayonet style) lenses allow flexible placement of the projector to suit the needs of the room, allowing a screen size from 40 inches to 500 inches.
The NP3151W takes advantage of Windows Network Projector functionality within Windows Vista via the wireless adapter or integrated RJ45 without the need for additional proprietary software. USB connection for a mouse and keyboard allow desktop control when using the NP3151W to connect to a remote desktop via a wired/wireless network connection. Remote diagnostics enable the administrator to monitor and make adjustments to the projector via the network remotely. The quick power-off function also protects the lamp during the cool-down period if the projector is accidentally unplugged or the power strip is switched off.  Ease of use is also enhanced with the included remote control.
The NP3151W weighs 16.1 pounds with a low noise output of 31 decibels in ECO Mode.The NP3151W will begin shipping this month with an estimated street price of $4999.