October 31, 2008

NEC, ICS Combination Earns SWOP Certification

Chicago - NEC Display Solutions and Integrated Color Solutions (ICS) announced the use of Remote Directormonitor proofing with select NEC Display 26- and 30-inch LCD monitors havebeen certified according to the SWOP Proofing System Certification Program.
Adoption of monitor proofing continues to grow, and it has become even more critical than ever to have reliable and consistent color across displays, says a representative. 
"NEC Display Solutions is a market leader, and we are excited to offer ourcustomers the latest SWOP-certified configuration for Remote Director," says ICS CEO Jeffrey Silverman. "ICS paired Remote Director with three of NEC's LCD Monitors (the LCD2690WUXi, LCD2690WUXi2, and LCD3090WQXi); all designed by NEC to meet the color needs of serious graphics professionals."
Together, Remote Director and the NEC Display monitors deliver the color and consistency that graphic arts professionals need to meet deadlines and stay on budget.
"We are pleased to announce this partnership with ICS and are proud to have SWOP certification on select displays," says Stan Swiderski, Product Managerat NEC Display Solutions. "Monitor proofing is key to graphics professionals who require consistently accurate images.:
Specifications Web Offset Publications (SWOP) aims to continually raise the level of quality of publication printing by offering specifications and tolerances for those working in the graphic arts industry.