April 25, 2008

N-Sided Introduces Argile

Paris - N-Sided announces the availability of its new software dedicated to 3D retouch: Argile. Retouching, modeling, painting, directing, and rendering, Argile is a complete 3D artist workshop.
The tool enables users to import 3D objects and characters to sculpt and retouch them in details, play with the brushes of the real-time 3D painting palette, and explore a wealth of materials and effects. Argile's working environment offers a range of tools designed to be handled naturally.
Argile is divided into three main Studios: Sculpture, Textures, and Render.    
Import models directly into the Sculpture Studio to shape it. Forget about polygons, Argile offers natural and direct tools that invite you to create and research shapes. With its intuitive, powerful, and innovative tools, this Studio offers the opportunity to customize models.
Texturing and Painting
Play with materials, transparency, and reflections, apply images and bumps in a few clicks. Paint on volumes as naturally as on paper to try out materials and effects. The 3D Paint module offers a full set of drawing tools and original and convenient options to combine unlimited graphic effects.
Enter the Render Studio and in a few seconds Argile calculates a high-resolution image for quick visualization, for impression, or to edit it in a 2D application.