April 3, 2008

Mathematica Player Pro Debuts

Champaign, Ill. - Wolfram Research has released Mathematica Player Pro, the new delivery system for Mathematica applications and interactive documents.  
Player Pro gives access to any Mathematica 6-based notebook files, enabling full interaction with Mathematica's new capabilities--performing adaptive visualization, controlling dynamic interface elements, connecting to real-time data, and more. Developers can build applications in Mathematica and then use Player Pro to deploy them cost-effectively to anyone.  
On a technical level, Player Pro contains almost all of Mathematica, but it is a pure runtime environment. Where developers use Mathematica to create their applications, end users can now use Player Pro to run them.  
"Until now, developing with Mathematica has almost always meant deploying with Mathematica," says Conrad Wolfram, director of strategic and international development at Wolfram Research. "That has limited who can use Mathematica applications--and therefore who can use Mathematica for development. With Player and Player Pro, you can now deploy to almost anyone--for the first time enabling Mathematica to be a complete development environment."  
Player Pro marries convenient deployment with a math and rapid application development environment--ideal for workgroups, consulting teams, researchers, commercial application builders, and others looking to roll out dynamic solutions, whether to clients or across their own organizations.  
Player Pro complements the existing free Mathematica Player, released as a beta in 2007. Technical differences include Player Pro's abilities to import or export user data at runtime, provide dialog-box entry, and run an almost-complete range of Mathematica applications.  
Player Pro is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (x86 2.4 or later). The suggested price is $195 in the United States and Canada. International prices may vary. Special five-pack and other volume discounts are available. All current individual Mathematica 6 Premier Service customers are eligible to receive three complimentary copies of Player Pro for distribution.