December 16, 2008

Mammoth HD Adds Royalty-free Medical/Healthcare Titles

Mammoth, Colo. - Mammoth HD has expanded its collection of royalty-free video material to include new titles in the medical and healthcare genres.
The new additions to the MHD Lifestyle Gallery include: Showertime, Poolside, Babies,Women's Faces, Women's Fitness, Kitchen, Home Computing, and Personal Dancing.
Mammoth HD Medical/Healthcare additions feature: Hospital Care, Bedside Care, Doctors, Surgeons, Heart Attack, X-rays, Cat Scans, and more.
The Mammoth HD Library now features more than 700 collections and more than 350 hours of single-clip material, including RED 4K/3K/2K for broadcast, marketing/advertising, and film, as well as vertical HD for digital signage and display.