February 20, 2008

Live Character Animation

Xsens Technologies B.V. is presenting live character animation shows with its motion capture suit, Moven. At the company’s booth, Xsens is hosting Benjamin Wagley, mocap expert at Gearbox Software LLC. Wagley is sharing his Moven user experience from a developer's point of view. Gearbox, an independent video game developer, was one of the first to select Moven for the company’s motion capture process. Live demonstrations of Moven will be held at Booth 6539 throughout GDC.

Xsens has sold the inertial-based mocap system to several game developers, animation studios, movement science institutes, and sports organizations since it was launched at SIGGRAPH last year.

Moven plugs-in to Autodesk MotionBuilder in real time and actors can wear any type of clothing over the suit.

Moven is on display at Booth #6539.