July 25, 2008

JVC Introduces Monitor Calibration Software

Wayne, N.J. - JVC's new Monitor Calibration Software provides DT-V professional monitor users with the flexibility to adjust color temperature, gamma curves, and luminance levels to accommodate specific-application needs. 
The software is free for users who own JVC's 17-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch DT-V monitors.
JVC professional studio monitors are shipped from the JVC factory in Japan and are calibrated at 6500K and 2.2 gamma correction. Manual adjustments include a unique backlight adjustment, and when combined with very high native contrast ratio, enable close matching of black levels to reference CRT monitors for critical viewing and color matching applications.
JVC Monitor Calibration software is available free of charge to registered JVC customers who purchased DT-V series monitors. The software is compatible with X-Rite and Minolta color probes (purchased separately) and allows the user to re-calibrate DT-V series professional monitors to custom luminance levels, color temperature, and gamma curves. Monitor calibration data can be saved and re-applied to groups of monitors to achieve uniform color reproduction throughout the entire studio. Multiple color profiles can be saved and re-applied. The Monitor Calibration Software enables users to load and save adjustment-data/adjustment-profiles, measure and indicate the maximum andminimum luminance, and automatically adjust the white balance and gamma correction.
JVC's free Monitor Calibration Software is available to registered DT-V Series monitor customers at http://pro.jvc.com/calibrate.