February 20, 2008

InterSense Motion Technology

InterSense Inc., a precision motion technology company, is demonstrating an interactive combat game at Booth 6249 inthe North Hall that illustrates how realistic game action can be when the game incorporates advanced motion sensing technology. InterSense has teamed with VirTools to develop a prototype game that uses six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) inertial devices to enable a player to interact directly with the displayed game action in real time, not just to trigger preprogrammed responses to a wrist flick. InterSense’s technology detects the actual track of the player’s motion, allowing real interactive play, capturing the trajectory, speed and even “spin” applied to a stroke and matching it to the play of the onscreen opponent. Large screens, immersive displays and even 3D become the new world of the gamer, enabling the game to reflect the reality of real-life contests.