June 12, 2008

InterSense Motion Sensing Integrated with VirtualPaint

Bedford, Mass. - InterSense Inc., maker of precision motion technology, announced its custom configured, IS-900 PCTracker motion tracking system has been integrated with Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) VirtualPaint solution, a computer simulation and virtual reality system designed to train spray technicians.
VirtualPaint was developed by IWRC, a service of the University of Northern Iowa, to offer a safe, effective training tool that requires no additional set-up time for trainers or users, eliminating the use of coating or materials and also avoiding the creation of waste or air emissions.
Mounting the robust, wireless sensor directly onto the instrumented spray gun enables the system to capture every nuance of motion with no jitter or latency, ensuring realistic simulation of spray operations. 
Using the IS-900 system, the VirtualPaint solution ensures trainees can practice field-quality techniques while experiencing the true look, feel and sound of the spray gun. InterSense’s IS-900 PCTracker combines with IWRC’s VirtualPaint solution to enable both new and experienced technicians to master various spray techniques by tracking all of the necessary data to evaluate performance. Visual representations of transfer efficiency, paint thickness, and the amount of paint used can be viewed on a computer screen in conjunction with operation of the spray gun. 
Technicians can also use the accumulation mode to view the exact thickness of their virtual spray. The program also breaks down the color into shades of blue, green, and red, allowing the technician to evaluate all aspects of their spray. In addition to assisting trainees in the mastery of spray operations, the solution conserves resources, as technicians no longer need to wait for coatings to be mixed, parts to dry, or materials to be provided as they train.