March 26, 2008

InterSense Launches InertiaCube2+

Bedford, Mass. - InterSense announced the general product release ofthe InertiaCube2+ orientation sensor. 
The InertiaCube2+ is an enhanced version of the company's InertiaCube2 sensor which was retired from its product line in January 2008.  
New features and improvements of the InertiaCube2+ over the original InertiaCube2 include:
* Improved accuracy specifications in pitch  roll, and in yaw
* Lower power consumption of 40 mA
* Smaller size of 36.6 mm x 27.7 mm x 18.8 mm and lighter weight of 17 grams with the same mounting footprint of the InertiaCube2
* Full RoHS compliance  
The InertiaCube2+ is also supported by InterSense's enhanced 3-DOF product software SDK released in January 2008. The new 3-DOF product software comes standard with all of InterSense's InertiaCube products. 
New features in this version of 3-DOF product software include: 
* Static and dynamic magnetic calibration compensation software for mitigation of magnetic field interference
* Unrestricted access to accelerometer and gyro data
* Added support of Windows Vista and 64-bit Windows XP operating systems
* Updated and improved ISDEMO sensor configuration utility
* Updated and improved iServer InterSense sensor server application
* Integrated support features in ISDEMO for Wireless InertiaCube3configuration testing  
The retired InertiaCube2 product is still supported by InterSense with limited replacement stock. No new orders for the retired InertiaCube2 are being accepted.     
All new orders for the InertiaCube2+ will begin shipping 1 April 2008. Pricing for the InertiaCube2+ remains the same as the InertiaCube2.