July 10, 2008

Imagineer Systems Challenges Industry to Develop Video Tutorial

Guildford, UK - Imagineer Systems, makers of next-generation VFX tools, is extending a challenge to Imagineer Systems customers and the entire VFX, content creation, and postproduction community, to create the next great series of video tutorials for Imagineer Systems VFX tools. 
The company is challenging users to create video tutorials that best educate new users of Imagineer VFX solutions on the workflow features of its tools. The winners will be judged on content, video quality, technical quality of audio and video, and instructional clarity and completeness. 
The top winner will receive a comprehensive Imagineer Systems VFX software suite valued at $10,000. Winners will be formally announced, and the winning entry will be highlighted on www.imagineersystems.com.
As part of the contest, Imagineer Systems executives, as well as industry influencers and well-known VFX heavyweights, will participate on a panel of judges and will help decide on the winning entries. 
The Imagineer Systems Video Tutorial Contest is open to everyone, and participants must follow these guidelines:

Video Tutorial Topics/Products: Imagineer Systems' mocha, mocha-AE, motor, monet, mokey. Topics may cover motion tracking, rotoscoping, rig removals, stabilzation, and can be designed for beginning or advanced users.
Format: Participants should use screen recording software, such as Camtasia or ishowu;
Files: Video files should be compressed for good viewing resolution, e.g.,Quicktime H.264;
Deadline:  All entries must be submitted to Imagineer Systems by July 31, 2008
For detailed information on contest rules and technical specs, visit:www.imagineersystems.com/contest.
Winners will be announced August 15th, 2008.