May 28, 2008

I3A Announces Seven New Members

White Plains, N.Y. - The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A), a global association for the imaging industry, announced that seven new members have joined the non-profit organization. The new members have joined for a variety of reasons, demonstrating the broad appeal and value of I3A membership.
Several of these new members are participating in I3A's Camera Phone Image Quality Initiative, which is working to develop a complete set of image quality testing metrics and methodologies in order to enable a consumer-oriented image quality rating system.
Others have joined to support I3A's efforts through the Web site, to educate consumers on the need for preserving their digital photo collections. Others have joined to participate in I3A's formal image technology standards program, developing imaging specifications for worldwide distribution through ISO.
"The range in size, sector, geography, and time in business of our new members demonstrates the value of I3A participation across the imaging industry and all that it has become," says I3A president Lisa Walker. "Our members work hard to deliver important results to a worldwide constituency: it is gratifying to see the reach of our programs and services."
A listing of the new members follows.
Participating level:
Zoran Corporation --
Associate level:
GeniuS Electronic Optical Co. Ltd. --  
Microsoft Corporation --­
Independent Photo Imagers --  
Research In Motion Ltd. --