October 8, 2008

Emmy Awards Handed Out To Multiple Fusion Artists

Toronto, Canada - Eyeon Software Inc. congratulates 2008 Emmy award winners at Battlestar Galactica VFX and the CafeFX team on HBO’s John Adams.
BSG VFX has been the in-house production team behind the popular science-fiction program Battlestar Galactica. The show has netted multiple Emmys in the past few years, with the 2008 Emmy awarded in recognition of the team's excellence in Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.
The show, which is in its fourth season, receives some of the highest ratings in its time slot and has accrued a large following since the series began in 2004. The other premiere team of artists to be awarded with a 2008 Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects are from CafeFX for their work on the mini-series John Adams.