November 4, 2008

Digital Cinema Society presents 'How to Monetize Your Stock Footage'

Los Angeles - The Digital Cinema Society (DCS), a non-profit educational cooperative with an international membership, announced plans to present: "How To Monetize Your Stock Footage," scheduled for November 15 at West Post Digital in Santa Monica. In this event the DCS will explore how filmmakers, especially cinematographers, who may have terrific footage in their library, or would like to go out and hunt for saleable images in their downtime, can capitalize on these efforts.
Participants include Paula Lumbard from The Footage Bank, Carol Martin from The RED Footage Collective, Phil Bates from Artbeats, as well as producer and DCS Advisory Board member, Barry Clark, who has increased the return on many of his large screen format productions, by licensing shots for use in other productions. 

Ken Michael, a RED camera Owner whokeeps busy with his camera during downtime, by going out and shooting stockfootage will also attend. The meeting will cover what kind of images Stock Footage Reps are lookingfor, which images are the most valuable to them and the best and lowest-quality format requirements for acquisition and delivery.