November 19, 2008

Digital Anarchy Announces Knoll Light Factory Compatibility with Windows

San Francisco, Calif. - Digital Anarchy announced the compatibility of its popular Knoll Light Factory plug-in with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Windows Vista 64-bit (x64).
Photoshop CS4 64-bit is streamlined to take advantage of the faster performance and better memory handling that Vista x64 supports. Digital Anarchy's Knoll plug-in, which enhances the lighting in Photoshop images to produce dramatic or natural effects, takes advantage of that speed and performance increase with Version 3.0.2.
Digital Anarchy's other Photoshop products have been tested to support Photoshop CS4 in both Mac andbWindows 32-bit environments. These Digital Anarchy plug-ins will be updated for the Windows 64-bit environment in Q1 2009.
Knoll Light Factory 3.0.2 for Photoshop CS4 offers:
* Improved performance: Version 3.0.2 supports 64-bit Windows (Vista x64).
* Better usability: Version 3.0.2 has UI improvements and bug fixes.
* Photo-realistic lighting effects: Used in films and TV to produce realistic lens flares and lights.
* Real-Time Preview: The main Preview Window now supports real-time manipulation, as well as the ability to resize and zoom in/out.
* 100+ Light Presets: There are now 110 great starting places when looking for that special flare.
* 16-bit Color Support: Light effects now render out to higher bit depths, which reduces banding and outputs better looking glows and gradients.
* Mac Intel compatible: Full support of all new operating systems.