November 28, 2008

Digieffects Ships Simulate: Camera

Wilmington, N.C. - Digieffects, a developer of visual effects software plug-ins, has shipped Simulate: Camera, a plug-in package offering a specialized collection of effects for mimicking camera and projection artifacts. 
All Digieffects plug-ins support Adobe CS4. Simulate: Camera includes the following effects:
Archive:  A "film degradation/contamination" effect.
Overexpose:  A way to add a sense of dynamic to otherwise stable and predictable footage.
Destabilize:  An effect that is useful for emulating a practical camera shake.
Simulate: Camera, as with all Digieffects software launched after January 2008, has the following two features which will appeal to customers.
Randomizer:  The Randomizer is part of the Digieffects custom User Interface. When clicked, multiple parameters within the interface will simultaneously adjust causing new results. Once a customer sees a look they like, they can use that as a starting point and manually tweak the parameters to achieve a specific effect. This serves as a timesaver for our time-pressed customers. 
Presets:  The unique aspect of the Digieffects presets is portability. Once a user has saved his effect parameters, they can be moved between supported host applications.
Simulate: Camera is immediately available directly from Digieffects and its resellers. It is priced at $99.