March 26, 2008

Digieffects Ships Damage Collection of VFX

Wilmington, N.C. - Digieffects, a developer of visual effects software plug-ins, is shipping Damage, a new set of plug-ins for video and film postproduction professionals.
Digieffects Damage is a collection of four effects designed for postproduction professionals who want to create a variety of digital and/or analog defects, errors, and artifacts in their footage. It supports Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Combustion, and Boris RED.
Damage includes the following effects:
Blockade: Video acquired by low fidelity devices like cellular phones and PDAs is becoming more commonplace. Blockade makes your clip look like it is highly compressed and being transmitted through a very bandwidth-limited pipe. Essential for simulating Internet-based micro cam display or personal video communication.
Artifact: Developed to create digital defects, Artifact simulates lost DCT blocks and frame dropping, most often seen when a digital video file suffers from corruption or a satellite feed is hampered by weather.
Interference: If it's television you want, traditionally you'll need some sort of interlaced field scanning. Interference creates the look of interlaced video fields, even on progressive footage or still images, adding noise, colorization, and offset separately for each field.
Skew: The quest to aim the rabbit ears so that the television show looks as good once you're in your chair as it did when your hands were attached to the antenna is fast fading into the lore of old...  That valuable (if under-appreciated) look is preserved in Skew. Uniquely analog/broadcast image badness like noise, image shearing, ghosts, etc.
Damage has a retail price of $99 and is now available from Digieffects and its resellers.