March 6, 2008

Damnfx Wins Trophy from Visual Effects Society

Montreal, Canada - Damnfx has received a Visual Effects Society (VES) award for Best Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project, for work delivered on Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, an IMAX 3D stereoscopic film directed by Sean Phillips and produced and distributed by National Geographic.
Damnfx Creative Director Mark Dubeau, who designed most of the underwater creatures, brought the VES trophy back to the studio following an awards ceremony at the Kodak Grand Ballroom in Los Angeles: “It’s great to know that your peers look upon your work in such a flattering manner. The entire crew poured everything they had into this production, and they deserve the credit. Extra thanks to our department heads -- they kept their crews incredibly motivated and productive.”
Visual effects supervisor Derek Wentworth, who oversaw shot production and final delivery at damnfx, added: “Sean Phillips’s deep understanding of IMAX and stereoscopic cinematography was invaluable as it was the foundation on which all of our work was built. And VFX producer Jack Geist’s steady stewardship was instrumental in maintaining an easy working relationship between everybody and keeping the FX houses in sync.” 
Furthermore, damnfx congratulates cinematics director CJ Cowan and his team at Bungie Studios, for snagging a VES award for Best Real Time Visuals in a Video Game for Halo 3, the popular XBOX 360 video game. Damnfx contributed more than 20 minutes of key-frame character animation to the game’s cinematic sequences. “We are extremely proud to have executed on the cinematic content for Halo 3,” says damnfx animation director Emilio Ghorayeb. “CJ Cowan was an engaging and focused director with tremendous foresight. We are incredibly thrilled that his vision, and the support given by his producer James McQuillan, have been honored by the Visual Effects Society.”