July 24, 2008

DAZ 3D's Victoria 4 Elite Offers Realistic Human Models

Draper, Utah - Lip creases, individual eyelashes, and visible pores:­ Victoria has never looked so real, say representatives of DAZ 3D. DAZ 3D has unveiled its Elite series of add-on morphs and textures for the fourth-generation Millennium Figure, Victoria.
The Elite series comprised of skin textures, body shapes, and poses. DAZ 3D's H.D.A.C consists of a system of hardware and software solutions, including multiple high-end body scanners, multi-camera 3D imagers, megapixel digital cameras, and a proprietary lighting environment--used to capture extensive data for recreating 3D human forms and textures in the most accurate manner possible. 
H.D.A.C delivers Victoria 4 Elite users:  Elite Skin Textures, Elite Body Shapes, and Elite Life Poses.
Victoria 4 Elite is available for immediate download. Regularly priced at $99.95, The Victoria 4 Elite Bundle is offered at $74.96 until July 21, 2008. DAZ Platinum Club members may purchase Victoria 4 Elite for $48.98.    
The Victoria 4.2 base, priced at $29.95 ($1.99 for Platinum Clubmembers), is required for proper installation. Further pricing and compatibility information is available at www.daz3d.com.