February 22, 2008


DAZ Productions Inc. (DAZ 3D) is demonstrating the company's model library of 3D content and software programs Bryce, a 3D environment and animation package; Carrara, a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution; DAZ Studio, a free 3D digital art creation tool; Hexagon, polygonal modeling software for the creation of ready-to-render 3D models; and Mimic, a lip-synching application.

Also at GDC 2008, DAZ 3D will announce its partnership with game content pipeline provider, MogWare, to automate the process of moving content between 3D applications and games. Using MogWare conversion tools, game developers and modders can take DAZ content directly into games, allowing access to DAZ 3D’s library of content. DAZ 3D is located in Booth 6439 in the North Hall.