May 13, 2008

Boxx Technologies Releases Special Edition 3DBOXX

Austin, Texas - Boxx Technologies Inc., maker of high-performance computing systems for visual effects (VFX) and design professionals, released a Special Edition 3DBoxx workstation designed to maximize the power of two Intel Core 2 Extreme processors. 

Benchmarks computed by Boxx Labs indicate 23.2 percent more performance on Cinebench 10 for the Special Edition compared to the 3DBoxx 8400SE.


The Special Edition 3DBoxx is designed specifically for digital artists who push the limits of dual-processor architectures because of the frequency at which they perform compute-intensive tasks.


Digital artists who are frequently called upon to create complex effects such as simulated water, rain, or fog will find this new Special Edition ideal for frequent rendering. Other effects such as the simulation of hair or fur, or muscle and skin behavior, also require the highest performance in order to maintain a fluid level of interactivity between the artist or designer and the software. The new Special Edition 3DBoxx provides the best possible performance level within the 3DBoxx enclosure.


Base configurations for the Special Edition start at $7,722 or a monthly lease of $256.37.