December 22, 2008

Big Stage Entertainment Releases The Spirit iPhone Application

Los Angeles - Fans that can't wait for Frank Miller's upcoming film, Big Stage Entertainment has developed The Spirit iPhone application that lets users replace the film's stars -- Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Jamie King, and Gabriel Macht -- with their own faces in 3D right on their iPhone.
Fans that don't have an iPhone can also get into the experience on To develop this new app, Big Stage Entertainment has specially adapted its powerful, yet easy-to-use facial-modeling technology available on for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.
Six animated video clips and 20 still images are available for The Spirit iPhone application by Big Stage Entertainment. Additional longer scenes are available on, where users upload one to three photos to get into The Spirit.
To get into The Spirit iPhone application, users first take a photo of their face with their iPhone. Next, they upload the photo to The Spirit iPhone app to quickly create their 3D clone, called an @ctor. Finally, users simply shake the iPhone to get into scenes and still images.
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