December 4, 2008

Ballistic Publishing Releases Exotique 4

Adelaide, South Australia - In its fourth edition, Exotique 4 boasts beautiful CG character art from 45 countries, a record for the Exotique series. Exotique 4 includes a broad range of styles and cultures, as well as packs an additional 30 pieces of artwork into 16 more pages than the previous edition.
The Exotique 4 series is a showcase of character artwork. The latest edition in the series packs more artwork into more pages than any previous edition making it the biggest and most beautiful Exotique collection to date. The work of 215 highly-talented artists fill Exotique 4 with 322 pieces of inspiring character art in genres from science fiction, fantasy, and anime, to photorealism and stylized realism. The new edition also presents the work of 117 artists (over half the artists featured) who are published for the first time in a Ballistic Publishing book.
Established Taiwanese artist Jen Der is featured in a Ballistic book for the first time with Exotique 4, and great new artwork is on show from high-profile artists such as Kekai Kotaki, Michael Kutsche, Wei-Che Juan, Bobby Chiu, Jonas Thornqvist, Hong Kuang, Henning Ludvigsen, and Marta Dahlig.
Indonesian artist Mario Wibisono is featured on the cover of Exotique 4 with Pepper Project (character concept by Stanley Lau) in addition to a number of pieces in the book. From the traditional to the new, there are more opportunities to gain inspiration from the art submitted by artists from many cultures.
Exotique 4 is available in two editions: Softcover (USD $52) and Special Edition (USD $115).