July 14, 2008

Autodesk Development Network Partners Update 3ds Max Plug-ins

San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk Inc. development network partners (ADN) have updated their plug-in products forAutodesk 3ds Max 2009 and Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2009 software.
The updated versions of these software plug-ins help facilitate the transition to the 2009 Versions of 3ds Max for artists working in game development, design visualization, film, and television.
Updated plug-ins, for both the 32- and 64-bit editions of 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009, include:
o 3dAliens' glu3D and Pwrapper fluid system suite
o 3D Connexion's SpaceNavigator, Explorer and Pilot
o Advance-Software's Infinity
o Archvision Inc.'s RPC for 3ds Max
o Axceleon's En-Fuzion
o Bionatics' EASYnat 3D Plant Modeler
o Boomerlabs' MAX2AE 3.0
o Cebas' Final Render for 3ds Max
o Craft Animations' Craft Director Tools
o Cubicspace's rtre v2.0
o Di-O-Matic's Character Pack
o Dimension Design and Ephere's Hairtrix
o E-ON Software's Vue xStream plug-ins
o Ghost3D's Power Modeler Pack
o HDRI-Studio's High Dynamic Range Environment Maps
o Holomatix's Rendition
o Itoo Software's Forest Pack
o Lenovo's ThinkStation S10 and D10
o nPower Software's Power Nurbs
o Mankua's Kaldera
o myVR Software's myVR Exporter, Publisher, NetView
o OC3 Entertainment's FaceFX
o Okino's PolyTrans-For-3ds Max
o Orbaz Technologies' Particle Flow Tools: Box 3 Pro
o Sitni Sati's FumeFX 1.1, AfterBurn 4.0, Dreamscape 2.5d
o Splutterfish LLC's Brazil r/s V2
o Tree C Technology's VR4MAX
o Virutal Vertex's Muster
o Wordware Publishing's 3ds Max Modeling: Bots, Mechs, And Droids
o Turbosquid Autodesk Certified Animation Plugins

Plug-ins currently available only for the 32-bit version of 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009 include:
o 3am-Solutions' Dynamite VSP file format and SIM module
o Advance-Software's Infinity 3D Internet browser
o Bigworld Pty Ltd.'s Bigworld Technology Suite
o Lifemode Interactive's LifeStudio:Head Pro
o Trinigy's Vison 3d Engine