August 4, 2008

Anark Core 2.0 Debuts

Boulder, Colo. - Anark Corp. has released Anark Core 2.0, its automated 3D CAD transformation platform with expanded conversion, transformation, and automation capabilities. It is designed to help users prepare 3D product design data for visualization, simulation, CAE, and supply-chain-data-exchange applications.
The Anark Core platform transforms native 3D CAD data for use throughout manufacturing design, engineering, and support organizations. Unlike conventional CAD tools and translators, Anark Core enables users to automate the modification of 3D product structure and geometry, and export revised product data into high-precision B-rep and lightweight mesh formats. 
Its features include:
Drag-and-drop editing of product structure to facilitate the creation of multiple product representations from original assembly data, such as vendor specific BOMs, or visualization and simulation-ready hierarchies

The ability to quickly and easily remove B-rep face geometry to produce inner- and outer-mold-line representations for visualization, simulation, and OEM-supplier data exchange

New Core CAD Transformer Service enables PDM servers to automate Anark Core Server for change-list-driven transformation of CAD geometry

Import and convert visualization assemblies and geometry from CATIA V5 CATPRODUCT, CATPART, and CGR files into multiple lightweight mesh formats

Import and convert assemblies and B-rep geometry from SolidWorks and Inventor formats

Import and export B-rep geometry in ACIS SAT format

Anark Core 2.0 is now available for evaluation from the Anark Web site.