June 25, 2008

AMD Opteron Processors Drive Supercomputers

Dresden, Germany - AMD announces that its Opteron processors are incorporated in the number one supercomputer in the world. In addition to helping drive the number one system to record-breaking petascale performance, six additional supercomputers--including the much-anticipated Ranger system from Sun Microsystems at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and several of Cray's well-known HPC installations--use multicore AMD Opteron processors.

The AMD Opteron processor-based Ranger supercomputer at TACC with a score of 326

Teraflops is based on Sun Microsystems' Constellation blade system and is the most powerful supercomputing system in the world for open science research. It is helping solve massive computational problems from weather prediction and climate modeling to genetics and medical research.

Fifteen supercomputers based on the collaboration between Cray and AMD are delivering supercomputing customers with world-class computational power.

"IDC forecasts that the market for high performance computing systems will continue growing rapidly and will reach $18 billion in 2012. Large-scale HPC systems enable major scientific and engineering breakthroughs and are at the forefront of issues that later affect enterprise and even desktop computing environments, such as parallel processing and power consumption,€VbCrLf says Steve Conway, IDC research vice president, HPC.