June 18, 2008

AMD, Havok to Optimize Physics for Gaming

Sunnyvale, Calif. - AMD and Havok announced plans to jointly investigate the optimization of physics effects utilizing AMD's full line of products.
By working together, both companies are demonstrating their commitment to open standards and continued support for the needs of the game community. Havok Physics scales well across the entire family of AMD processors, including quad-core products, such as the AMD Phenom X4. 
As part of the collaboration, Havok and AMD plan to further optimize the full range of Havok technologies on AMD x86 superscalar processors. The two companies will also investigate the use of AMD's massively parallel ATI Radeon GPUs to manage appropriate aspects of physical world simulation in the future. 
A number of game aspects, including advanced physics processing, are optimized for CPUs, while the latest DirectX 10.1 games demand the latest GPUs. AMD is striving to deliver the best of both worlds, with highly capable CPU and GPU technology that partners like Havok can use as their canvas to deliver the best experience possible.
"Physics is an important part of today's game experience, and in the quest for greater realism the usage and requirements of physics computation is expected to increase," says Dean McCarron, principal analyst, Mercury Research. "New technologies that improve physics simulation will enhance the gaming experience."