December 23, 2008

3ality Digital, Quantel Team Up for NFL

Newbury, U.K. - Stereo 3D broadcasting came another step closer earlier this month with the live Stereo 3D broadcast of the Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers NFL game, produced by 3ality Digital and presented in three RealD-enabled theatres in the U.S. to an audience of invited guests.
Behind the scenes, 3ality Digital's SIP2100 stereoscopic analysis and correction systems and Quantel stereoscopic Pablo systems were used to postproduce a series of 3D graphic inserts for playback at sponsor venues during the live 3D broadcast. 
The inserts came from a variety of sources and were background loaded, edited, color-corrected, and finished on a tight deadline on Pablo systems belonging to PlasterCITY Digital Post and 3ality Digital. SIP2100s were used in the edit suites for all aspects of stereoscopic image analysis, especially in handing off the process of smoothly adjusting z-space across edits.
PlasterCITY is a digital postproduction house located in Hollywood, Calif., that specializes in file-based lab services for film, video, or tapeless post.