January 5, 2007

monet and mokey Offer Intel-based Mac Support

Santa Monica, Calif. - Imagineer Systems, makers of next-generation VFX tools, has announced that its latest release of monet and mokey includes Intel-based Mac support.  
“We are excited about Apple’s commitment to being at the forefront of workstation performance and we are experiencing significant performance improvements on these new systems,” says Imagineer CEO Allan Jaenicke. “We are committed to the Mac platform and look forward to exploring the opportunities for adding more complex features to our software that the increased performance of the Intel-Mac enable.”  
The new release will be a Universal Binary, running both on G5 and Intel based systems. Users with Intel-based Macs will experience a performance improvement compared to previous releases.  
"The speed of our Intel-based Macs offers a significant performance advantage for high-end applications reliant on heavy visual effects," says Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.