February 7, 2007

eyeon Releases Developer Version of Fusion 5.1

Toronto, Canada - eyeon has released the developer version of its multi-platform desktop compositing application, Fusion 5.1.
To make development and testing of plug-in tools for Fusion easier and consistent, eyeon Software provides an up-to-date developer version of Fusion, a streamlined version wherein no image processing abilities from the Fusion toolset have been included. The Fusion 5.1 developer version provides file loading and saving to only select formats, allowing the developer to load an image, test that image with a custom plug-in or function, and save the result to disk.
Plug-ins can be loaded and tested in Fusion without requiring a full license of the software. The developer version allows independent plug-in manufacturers and postproduction facilities to write and test custom tools for Fusion without having to invest in a retail copy of the application, eliminating financial barriers to the progression of third-party development.
The developer version does not watermark the image; it is restrictive in terms of file format support to ensure the appropriate use for plug-in development only. It may not be used to produce final images for use in television, print, film, multimedia, or Web-based mediums.
This software may only be used for the purpose of developing and testing plug-ins with the native Fusion developer version, AE plug-ins through the company's plug-in adapter, or via the OpenFX plug-in SDK.
The development version of Fusion is licensed for plug-in development only. The license agreement clearly outlines the product’s intent and restrictions and, when agreed upon, access to the developer version is allowed. Those interested in downloading the developer version of Fusion at no charge should contact sales@eyeonline.com for more information.