August 27, 2007

Xaitment Launches xait-Engine 2.0

Saarbruecken, Germany - Xaitment GmbH, an AI developer for games and simulations, has launched version 2 of its multiagent AI solution, the xait-Engine.
The new version, which is launching as xaitment is opening its U.S. office, will offer game developers the ability to define more realistic behaviors and movement for their game bots.
The xait-Engine includes a hierarchical Finite State Machine (FSM) to help game developers define transitions between behavioral states based on events, logic, probability, or conditions, or any combination of those. Offering these transitional options to game developers will ensure that a game’s bots act in a more realistic and complex manner. An easy-to-use FSM-Editor helps game developers set up or change the FSM at any time during the development process. 
Sometimes game worlds are so complex, it is impossible for developers to imagine what events might occur, and subsequently, what transitions to program with the FSM. For this reason, xaitment has created a Rules Interpreter. The Rules Interpreter helps developers define rule sets that will govern a bots behavior by helping them predict, infer new knowledge, and reason through events. 
Xaitment’s NavMesh Generator offers a new style of bot movement. Rather than defining pathfinding points on a mesh, xaitment’s NavMesh Generator allows developers to enter specifications about the environment and the bot. The bots can then interpret this information and intelligently navigate the game world on any path they wish to take. The NavMesh Generator supports VRML, exports to XML, and provides a plug-ininterface for other geometry importers. The NavMesh algorithm is encapsulated as a C++ DLL and can be used in different editors or directly in the game.
Xait-Engine 2.0 is available now from xaitment.