April 26, 2007

Virtual Katy Launches VK Brand at NAB 2007

Los Angeles, Calif. - Virtual Katy Development Limited released new VK change management solutions at NAB 2007. The expanded VK change management product family includes VK 2.5 features and functionality. 
These solutions include; VK Premium Collection, VK Compare, VK CNA, and VK Conformer. Announced earlier in the month and unveiled at NAB 2007 is the brand new VK Connect, a network application for managing media workflows in post facilities.

VK Premium Collection offers the full range of VK conform and re-sync feature, as well as support for AAF and XML formats. Designed for audio facilities that push the audio editing envelope, VK Premium Collection enables an audio post team to perform conform and sync tasks, freeing valuable resources to continue the soundtrack creation and finish projects faster and with the utmost creativity.

VK Compare, for the TV market, supports conform and analysis using industry-standard EDL and Cut Lists to derive the VK Change Plan. Audio editors can compare changes from the video editor and quickly sync audio sessions ­and trace historical elements. It is a tool well suited to TV cut downs, show recaps, and show revisions.

For re-conforming audio sessions for film, VKCNA integrates the VK Conformer engine with the industry-standard Change Note Assistant (CNA). With support for the new Intel-based Macs, VK CNA aids sound editors in the film community in audio re-conform.

VK Conformer, Virtual Katy's auto-conform workhorse,  is designed for conforming and non-destructively recompiling ProTools sessions. VK Conformer is cut from the original Virtual Katy software which was put to the test on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

VK Connect is targeted at bridging the gap between the sequence-oriented picture-editing world and session-structured audio post world. Through its project management methodology, audio workflows are organized into a framework of tasks, statuses, and media management processes. The end result is an organized exchange of audio editing assignments, centralized hand-off of projects, simplified reporting of assignment status, and controlled media and data exchange. Audio editors gain a clear view of assignments and are provided with the necessary media and correct versions; post supervisors can centralize project assignments and review statuses.

VK Premium Collection, VK Compare, VK CNA, and VK Conformer are available through the Virtual Katy reseller channel or online at www.virtualkaty.com for $2000, $1000, $800, and $400, respectively.