April 16, 2007

Vicon Releases MX-F40 and MX-F20 Motion-capture Cameras

Los Angeles, Calif. - Vicon, developer of Academy Award-winning motion capture systems, debuted its MX-F40 and MX-F20 cameras. The new cameras include the world's first camera sensors designed specifically for motion capture. 
The new shuttered Vicon Vegassensors enable performance data to be captured at higher speeds than previously possible.
"The F40 and F20 represent the world's first and only optical cameras to include proprietary sensors that were custom designed for motion-capture applications," says Nick Bolton, Vicon. 
The new cameras are part of the award-winning MX platform from Vicon, with the F standing for "Faster Full Frame" motion capture. The F40 and F20 will replace Vicon's MX40+, MX20+, and MX13+ cameras; MX3+cameras will still be available. The Vicon F40 camera is capable of capturing 370 frames-per-second at 4 million pixels and the Vicon F20 camera captures up to 500 frames-per-second at 2 million pixel resolutions. 
In addition to speed increases, the Vicon Vegas sensor offers a true "freeze frame" shutter, so the F-series cameras are tolerant of on-set or laboratory ambient light. Bolton continues, "The performance increases of the F-series cameras allow for more accurate capture where high-speed action is par for the course, such as golf swing analysis and capturing sports for game development. While other systems may hit their marker limits when attempting to capture full-body, hands, and facial performance in the same volume, F-series cameras excel at such levels of detail. Vicon is the only motion-capture provider to custom build a sensor for motion capture allowing complete control over all aspects of future camera technology development."