June 13, 2007

Vicon Helps Digi-Guys Ltd. Unleash the Beast Within

Los Angeles - Vicon, developer of motion-capture systems, announced the sale of 16 MX40 cameras to Digital Content Studio, Digi-Guys Ltd. Digi-Guys will use the Vicon cameras to shoot motion-capture scenes for the PS3 videogame and Blu-Ray movie, WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within.

Due to be released next year on the PS3, WarDevil is a next-generation concept, bridging the gap between video games and Blue-Ray HD motion pictures. The project is the first to utilize this new method of production, allowing Digi-Guys to create both a video game and movie property from the same studio pipeline, spearheading an entirely new methodology to both mediums.

The Vicon MX40 camera has been used in the production of many blockbuster movies and video games, as well as in the engineering and life sciences sectors. Vicon is a subsidiary of Oxford Metrics Group, which is also the parent company of 2d3 and Geospatial Vision.