April 6, 2007

The epic software group Releases Royalty-free 3D Model Library

 The Woodlands, Texas - The epic software group has released a royalty free 3D model library comprised of over 500 high quality 3D objects on two CDs.
Artists and animators use 3D objects to build scenes that can be used for Web site animated graphics, print graphics, or in video and film animations. This 3D model library, priced at $29.95, contains royalty-free models created by the artists and animators at epic. epic is distributing this 3D-model library with a viewer so users can see a fully surfaced version of the object before importing into a 3D program.
Every model is available in three file formats: .LWO for LightWave 3D, .3DS for 3D Max, and .DXF a universal 3D file format. Artists and animators simply import these files into the 3D graphics program of their choice and use them to build their scenes. The viewer also includes data on the number of points and polygons contained in the 3D object. The price of the epic model library is $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Those interested can preview all the models at: http://www.epicsoftware.com/modellib/index.php