May 8, 2007

The University of the West Indies Achieves Milestone wtih Toon Boom Products

Montreal - Toon Boom Animation Inc. has announced that the University of the West Indies (UWI), St.Augustine Campus, in Trinidad and Tobago, has adopted Toon Boom products to build the first animation curriculum to be offered in the Caribbean region.
Recognizing the opportunities the animation industry can bring to the local market, the UWI aims at preparing the next generation of creative Caribbean talent to embark on a career in animation using industry-standard technology.
A Train the Trainer training program will take place in June 2007 to enable the faculty members to set up and finalize the animation curriculum, on time for Fall 2007 admissions.
The UWI will offer certificate training courses as a build up to the Master in Animation and provide students with in-depth and practical courses on all aspects of animation production.
"Considering its proximity to North America and the region's cultural wealth, the Caribbean has all the ingredients to succeed in becoming an active player in the global animation industry," says Joan Vogelesang, president and CEO at ToonBoom Animation. "We are proud to see the University of the West Indies pioneer in this initiative and take the necessary steps to implement a world-class animation curriculum."