September 10, 2007

The Pixel Farm Releases PFTrack 4.1

Windsor, UK - The Pixel Farm is now shipping PFTrack 4.1. PFTrack 4.1 includes the addition of Autodesk FBX and Apple Motion file format and support for Vista. 
PFTrack 4.1's new features include:
·   Addition of Autodesk FBX and Apple Motion file format. New support for Autodesk FBX and Apple Motion offers PFTrack users more streamlined interoperability between applications, including Flame, Flint, and Smoke. Apple Motion is supported by exporting either a native camera file, or an entire scene file.
·   Review movie. PFTrack 4.1 now provides the ability to render an Open GL preview to disk, for shot approval, without having to export any data to a 3D application.
·   Support for Vista. PFTrack software is now qualified to run under the Microsoft Vista operating system.
·   Test objects are now supported for additional feature groups. This enables test geometry to be attached to object feature groups, which enables the user to check the motion of the selected group in relation to the camera motion.
·   Delete camera path over a range of frames.Enables users to delete an unsatisfactory range of frames from a solved camera path, and in conjunction with the unique to PFTrack re-solving tool, can then re-solve segments of that shot with more prescision. 
Now shipping, PFTrack 4.1 will be available free for current PFTrack users under support or for $5500 for a full commercial license and  $200 and for a student or academic licence. Upgrades from earlier versions cost $1100.