June 20, 2007

Studio Network Solutions Ships New Version of Postmap

St. Louis, Mo. - Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a provider of optimized audio/video shared storage products and developer of the only free iSCSI initiator for OS X, announced the shipment of Postmap to resellers worldwide.
Postmap is a digital asset management application for postproduction workgroups. It offers a customizable platform of core features that can be tailored to the needs of creative teams of all sizes. Postmap helps users locate files and folders stored on SAN, LAN, CD/DVD, FireWire, and USB disks. The software offers workflow and enhanced metadata management features for classifying specific files and folders, sharing production notes, and organizing projects and media.

The latest release includes a collection of the features most frequently requested by postmap users, including a redesigned user interface for both Mac and Windows clients, a new preview dock for auditioning media clips, launch and reveal features for browsing or opening files, and an integrated volume browser for navigating the directories of offline storage. 

Postmap is designed to accommodate workgroups of all sizes. The software’s architecture allows its backend components, the postmap Server, Indexer and Database, to be installed on a single computer or distributed across multiple computers on any Ethernet network. This distributed architecture enables clients at any location to search the indexed contents of all scanned storage including SAN, file servers, and removable storage, such as FireWire drives and DVDs. 

Postmap is $429 and available through SNS resellers. A free, timed-trial version of postmap is available at www.trypostmap.com. To purchase postmap, locate an authorized Studio Network Solutions reseller at www.studionetworksolutions.com/purchase.

At least one OS X Tiger system is required to use postmap. Minimum operating system requirements for postmap Client are Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, or Windows XP Service Pack 2.