October 11, 2007

Stanzwek AG Reduces Development Time with CoCreate PLM Software

Fort Collins, Colo. - CoCreate Software Inc., a provider of third-generation PLM software applications for high-tech electronics and machinery, announced that Stanzwerk AG cut its development time in half for its tool design and parts production using the CoCreate OneSpace Suite.
The Swiss company, headquartered in Unterentfelden, produces components for electric motors and transformers. Stanzwerk engineers use CoCreate OneSpace Modeling to design the stamping tools, die-casting molds, and equipment that shape the components.
Stanzwerk engineers have mastered stamping technology, even with very narrow parts with the smallest of diameters, and can reliably produce millions of such pieces. To do that, the Swiss technology leader banks on the CoCreate OneSpace Modeling and CoCreate OneSpace Model Manager software to speed tool design and map ever more complex die-casting molds.
The CoCreate OneSpace Suite simplifies reuse of existing designs and also offers support for the development of new tools and processes thanks to its Dynamic Modeling based approach to product development. Designers can split work on models during the detailing phase and later merge them regardless of the creation history and parametrical dependencies.
In the recent past, the company put a new, highly automated assembly line for aluminum casting into operation. A robot arm puts six laminations simultaneously into one master mold. The mold's elements can be changed on the machine within 20 minutes. According to Kissling, it would have been impossible to map the automation of the casting process in 2D. Today, the company can cast twice as many laminations as in the past, and at a lower cost -- a competitive advantage which directly translates into more orders.
OneSpace Modeling and OneSpace Model Manager are core components of theCoCreate 3G PLM solution for streamlined product development.