May 2, 2007

Sony Pictures Imageworks to Present Latest Works to fmx/07 Attendees

Culver City, Calif. - Sony Pictures Imageworks will provide attendees at fmx/07 a close-up of its latest work, including Surf’s Up and Spider-Man 3.
Professionals from Sony Pictures Imageworks, the award-winning digital production studio, will present specialist information and insights during the digital arts event, which takes place from May 1 to May 4 in Stuttgart, Germany. Imageworks also will present a screening of Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg’s Monster House, which received an Academy Award nomination for best animated film, in 3D.
Imageworks facilitates four pipelines: live-action visual effects and character work; Imagemotion performance capture; Imageworks 3D stereoscopic; and all-CG animation, where Sony Pictures Animation feature films come to life. Each of these will be represented with specific examples and achievements from current productions, Surf's Up and Spider-Man 3.  
Surf’s Up: A Practical Guide to Making Waves     
Rob Bredow, Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks     
Wednesday (May 2), 5:00 pm in König-Karl-Halle
Visual effects supervisor Rob Bredow will present a brief look at the making of the second all-CG, feature-length animated film from Sony Pictures Animation, the action comedy Surf's Up. The session will cover the use of camera, wave effects, and rendering techniques which contribute to the film's look and style. 
Spider-Man 3     
Peter Nofz, Digital Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Wednesday (May 2), 6:00 pm in König-Karl-Halle
Digital effects supervisor Peter Nofz explores the challenges of production for Spider-Man 3. Each Spider-Man film has presented the visual effects team at Sony Pictures Imageworks with unique opportunities to reach the outer limits of visual effects and photorealistic digital character animation.
Detailed Performance: Advancing the Art of Motion Capture
Demian Gordon, Motion Capture Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Thursday (May 3), 12:00 pm in König-Karl-Halle
Sony Pictures Imageworks' Gordon, who is the motion capture supervisor on Beowulf, previously used his expertise on Monster House and Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express
Full 3D: True Stereoscopic Production
Buzz Hays, Senior Producer, 3D Stereoscopic Feature Films, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Thursday (May 3), 5:00 pm in Bertha-Benz-Saal
Senior producer Buzz Hays is an authority on optimizing images for the 3D stereoscopic experience. Imageworks’ successes include The Polar Express, Open Season, and last year’s Academy Award nominee for best animated feature, Monster House. Hays’ current work includes adapting the Imagemotion performance-capture animated film, Beowulf.  
Monster House 3D screening
Thursday (May 3), 6:00 pm in Bertha-Benz-Saal
A 3D screening of Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg’s Monster House, which received an Academy Award nomination for best animated film, will be held immediately following Hays’ presentation.