August 17, 2007

Softimage Unleashes Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool at Microsoft Gamefest

Seattle - Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology Inc., unveiled the Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool, a free 3D modeling and animation software for non-commercial game content creation and modification.
Softimage|XSI Mod Tool is designed to enable aspiring game developers to create compelling 3D characters, levels, and content designed for use with Microsoft XNA Game Studio. 
Integrating natively with the XNA Framework Content Pipeline, XSI Mod Tool comes with an enhanced user interface and training videos from Noesis Interactive, making it a good choice for newcomers to 3D game content creation.  
Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool features include:
SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 engine – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool is based on the professional Softimage|XSI software used by award-winning game studios.
Microsoft XNA support – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool integrates natively with the XNA Framework Content Pipeline, enabling seamless export to the Microsoft Game Studio XNA Creators Club Online for original game title development on PC or Xbox 360 platforms.
Valve Half Life 2 mod support – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool exports 3D characters and assets that can be used in Valve’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two game. Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool enables the gaming community to create mods for Half Life 2 using professional-level tools for free.
Training from Noesis Interactive – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool comes with video training that loads into a viewport in the User Interface and simultaneously loads the sample models into the other interactive workspaces for an immersive training experience. The training is purpose built and designed to teach enthusiasts how to build quality 3D game content for use with Microsoft XNA Game Studio and Valve Half Life 2.
Enhanced interface – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool features an enhanced XSI interface built specifically for first-time 3D users.  
Limitations: Non-Commercial Use – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool is restricted to non-commercial usage. XSI 6 Mod Tool files cannot be opened using the commercial XSI packages. 64,000 triangle export limit (per mesh) – Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool models are limited to 64,000 triangles at the time of export for each mesh in the scene. No rendering capabilities – designed to produce 3D assets for consumption in a game engine.
Softimage|XSI 6 Mod Tool is available for free download at