January 30, 2007

Softimage Develops New 3D Game Pipeline with EA Chicago

Tewksbury, Mass. - Avid Technology Inc.’s Softimage Co. subsidiary is developing a 3D game development pipeline built on Softimage|XSI software in close collaboration with Electronic Arts’ Chicago studio.  

XSI software is a 3D modeling and character creation package. EA has the largest game development studio operation in the world, and employs a variety of engines, tools, and technologies to serve the needs of each of its game and development teams.

The demand for high-definition (HD) games for next-generation game consoles that play on today’s plasma and LCD widescreen monitors makes 3D game development a complex process. Softimage XSI software is built on a Gigapolygon core, which is well suited to managing the 64-bit, high-polygon-count 3D characters and environments needed in HD games. The Softimage XSI-powered workflow will enable game-development professionals at EA Chicago to collaborate on complex projects and raise the bar in creating realistic game experiences to meet growing consumer expectations.

"EA Chicago is working with Softimage on this effort to explore new technologies to develop a new generation workflow model," says Scott Cronce, vice president and chief technology officer, worldwide studios for EA.

Maker of such titles as EA Sports Fight Night and the soon-to-be released Def Jam: Icon, EA Chicago plans to use Softimage|XSI to design high-end characters for an upcoming next-generation game title.

“Our mutual goal is to create a workflow model that benefits the artist, and we’re pleased that EA Chicago is adopting cutting-edge solutions from Softimage to work with its internal technology,” notes Marc Stevens, vice president and general manager for Softimage. “We look forward to seeing the amazing content and, ultimately, the games that EA Chicago creates utilizing this newly developed workflow.”