November 19, 2007

SoftImage Offers Free 30-day Trial of SoftImage|XSI 6.5 Software

Montréal, Québec - Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology Inc., announced a 30-day trial version of SoftImage|XSI 6.5, professional 3D modeling, character creation, animation, and rendering software.
The new trial version enables users to harness the full power of SoftImage|XSI 6.5 Essentials software, currently used by industry artists and technical directors (TDs) to create 3D content for motion pictures, games, commercials, and music videos. The new 30-Day trial version is available in English and Japanese. 
Features in the 30-day trial version include:
·        Advanced Polygon Reduction—allows artists to reduce the size and complexity of any model while maintaining all the details and surface properties of a high-resolution model
·        Attribute Transfer with GATOR (Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator)—artists can transfer surface properties such as Weights, UV, and Shapes between models, regardless of complexity or topology—with the push of a button
·        Motion Transfer with MOTOR (Motion Transformation Operator)—retarget, transfer, and share complex animations or motion capture between characters—regardless of differences in model rigs
·        Syflex Cloth—in partnership with Syflex, Softimage offers an advanced cloth solution.
·        Dynamic Hair and Fur—these two new simulation tools allow 3D artists to create realistic looking hair and fur to add to human models or shaggy aliens
·        Integrated compositing—the built-in Softimage Illusion Compositor allows 3D artists to layout and test 3D content in context with captured film or video, in preparation for advanced compositing. 
The SoftImage|XSI 6.5 30-day trial is available now for download at:
SoftImage|XSI is offered in the following packages from authorized Softimage resellers or from the Softimage online store:
SoftImage|XSI 6.02 Foundation: $495
SoftImage|XSI 6.5 Essentials: $2995
SoftImage|XSI 6.5 Advanced: $4995
All versions are available for download or upgrades from existing licenses or first time 3D customers at